Thesis padini brand

They are selling the same product but it is highly differentiated in their style, design and services provided. In addition to seed cafe, the cafe portrays a bright and contemporary concept which jells with seeds youthful and trendy image.

Although the gearing ratio increases slightly, it meets the industry average ratio. They have to advertise and keep the consumers enlightened and reminded that they Thesis padini brand exist and provide the clients with quality and trendy clothes.

One of the hardest marketing decisions facing a company is how much to spend on promotion. Pricing for a product too high or too low could mean a loss of sales for the organization.

This sales will fall on MarchAugustDecember every year. There are plans to strengthen its dominant position with improved production lines and increased capacity. Pricing is difficult and must reflect supply and demand relationship. High quality products along with high standard of designs are maintained by Padini through the payment of lump sum bonus as a motivation to employees if targeted sales were achieved.

Historically, dividend has ranged from as low as 2. Its main purpose is to market Malaysia as a "affordability shopping destination". This incepts a solid image in the customers' brain that it is a brand of great value and affordable for the coffee lover.

The ability to distribute by way of dividends to shareholders is secured. Padini holds a variety of reputable brands under their belt. If you want certainty, wait for the Q results.

Thesis padini brand

Malaysia's consumers' lifestyle has been changing for the better because of the rise in education levels. Padini is less vulnerable to downturns in the business cycle and will not face the risk of going concern.

The disadvantage of this company is the fact it has way too many different brands. Debt Ratio As we can see from the analysis, the debt ratio of the company has increased slightly in these three years.

The money used to buy furniture and renovation are capitalized as assets. In conclusion, we can say that Padini Holdings Berhad is financially viable and will not face any going concern difficulties in a few years down the road.

The share price will also go up with the increase in the dividends received by shareholders. Giordano The company was proven in which is one of the well known and set up brands in the Asia Pacific region especially Malaysia.

Market and company analysis of Padini Essay

Most of the brands outlet will located at the shopping mall instead of hypermarket. Most of the brands outlet will located at the shopping mall instead of hypermarket. This increases the rivalry among rivals and Padini will never stop rivalling against Bonia, Esprit, Giordano to ensure that they make a deal, which customers will always keep retuning due to Thesis padini brand clothing styles.

I only hope to share and learn from everyone else. Revenue has been growing steadily, with PBT being stagnant. Also, I would suggest PADINI may make some couple design since the company is already well-establised,these two product may probably open a new market to new young generation as their target,the company may choose the A outlet to do market testing by coming out limited quantity.

Is a PE of 15 fair. Because of the design of shopping mall more attractive. As you explore our site, you will find attractive collection of apparels, footwear, bags and accessories for consumers of both genders and all ages through our widely popular brands from Padini Concept Store: Padini, Seed, Padini Authentics, PDI, P&Co, Miki, Vincci and Vincci Accessories.

There is many brand under Padini Group such as Vincci, Seed, Padini Authentics, PDI, Padini, P & Co, Miki Kids, Miki Mom and also many multi – brands and some of the brand is already breach the foreign market such as Vincci/VNC, Seed and Padini Authentics.

The PADINI Concept Store is a concept store that selling all PADINI Holdings brands in one store or “one stop shopping”. The first outlet that starting to operate in Malaysia was located in Johor Bharu City Square, a shopping complex in Johor Bharu, Malaysia.

Padini Holdings INVESTMENT THESIS Profile Rationale Padini is a year-old Malaysia-based fashion retailer offering clothing, accessories and shoes under the brands of Padini, Vincci, Seed, Miki, Padini Authentic, P&Co, PDI, etc.

We are positive that the group is able to deliver double-digit. Dude, what is up with Padini? Author: cephasyu | Publish date: Mon, 1 FebPM Padini is a both a brand and a counter that needs little introduction.

Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia's apparel industry, processing and trading. Its product line includes clothes for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and products for men, women and children.

Thesis padini brand
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